Sunda Banda Seascape (SBS) is a geological and geographical area in the Coral Triangle, covering more than 151 million hectares of water area. SBS covers waters and several islands, from Bali to Nusa Tenggara region, to Southeast Maluku, then to the north covering south and east sides of Sulawesi Island. For further understanding about the threats and efforts to manage marine resources in SBS, you can access About Us page.

The SBS site provides publications, fact sheets, and learning outcomes regarding sustainable marine and fisheries management efforts in the SBS region. You can also access the SBS atlas on the Interactive Map menu to get specific data related to the management of marine living resources in certain areas within the scope of SBS.

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You can contact the SBS site admin via e-mail: webadmin-marine@wwf.id.

Interactive Map is a presentation of the SBS Atlas map with web media that you can easily use to obtain spatial information about fisheries and marine management in certain areas within the scope of SBS. Geographical information on this site is indicative (general) which will continue to be completed in accordance with the latest developments to improve the accuracy and completeness of data.

To display the spatial data that you are looking for, you can go to the left column of the page. Please select the categories and subcategories that match the criteria to display the desired data. For detailed tutorial, click the yellow Tutorial button at the right side of the page. You can download the SBS Atlas Guide on Tutorial.

You can download any spatial data in the SBS Atlas Interactive Map for free by agreeing to the rules for using information and filling in your name, email address, institution, and the purpose of data use. You can access the step by step tutorial of using SBS Atlas Interactive Map on Tutorial.